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Audio Preview: https://soundcloud.com/magic-sound-effects/sets/real-guns-sound-pack-2

Sound List: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t44u27pv6jc00xz/MSE%20-%20Real%20Guns%20Sound%20Pack%2...

A sound pack containing 774 realistic gun sound effects, including single, double and burst shots, reloading, gun drop and pick up, empty magazine sounds, ammo sounds, consisting mono and stereo versions of audio files. There are 18 guns in total.

The sound pack contains the main 4 folders - "Ammo", "Bullets", "Foley", "Weapons":

  1. In the «Ammo" folder there are sounds of bullets falling on the surface - 25 sound effects inside.
  2. "Bullets" are the sounds of bullets flying by - 25 sound effects inside.
  3. In the folder "Foley" you will find the sounds of dropping and picking up weapons - 50 sound effects inside.
  4. The massive "Weapons" folder includes 10 sub-folders of weapons - 18 different guns in total - 674 sound effects inside, consisting of sounds of single shots, double shots, sounds of burst shots, reloads, sounds of an empty magazine or a cartridge being loaded or a trigger pulled.

The types of guns are listed below:

  • AntiTank Gun - 1 type
  • Assault Rifle - 3 types
  • Flamethrower - 1 type
  • HandGun - 2 types
  • MachineGun - 1 type
  • MiniGun - 1 type
  • Revolver - 2 types
  • Rifle - 3 types
  • ShotGun - 2 types
  • SubmachineGun - 2 types

There are 8 single shots, 5 double shots of different speeds, 5 burst shots of different speeds, 2 reload sounds, 1 empty magazine sound for each gun.

All sounds have versions with and without a tail, which further expands the variability of available weapons and shots.

The flamethrower is only available with single shots without a tail, 2 reload sounds, 1 empty magazine sound.

Each sound effect is available in mono and stereo versions.

Use this asset to create high-quality gun shots and weapon sounds for your game, animation or trailer.

Product details:

  • 774 game-ready sound effects
  • 44.1 khz, 16 bit, wav, mono & stereo
  • 320 kb/s, ogg, stereo
  • 2322 audio files
  • 18 guns in total
  • 280 single shot sounds
  • 170 double shots, 170 burst shots
  • 36 reloading sounds
  • 18 empty magazine sounds
  • 25 ammo sounds
  • 25 bullets flying by
  • 50 dropping and picking up
  • great for animations, trailers, game scenes for shooters, strategies and more
  • minutes of audio: 34 minutes 29 seconds

For support and other questions, please send an email to: magic.sound.effects@gmail.com.

Follow my Twitter account to keep up to date with new product releases: https://twitter.com/Magic_SFX


Buy Now$30.00 USD or more

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